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Surviving To Thriving

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Going from surviving to thriving is based on your mindset. But simply telling you this would not seem magical or really inspirational. It would almost seem anticlimactic or inauthentic. What? That’s it? Because of this fact, many a spiritual person has added to the tomes of literature about how to change some aspect of your life. This includes everything from losing weight to attracting the person of your dreams. Can it really all be that simple if we spend years and years searching for the unicorn and chasing the rainbow to find the pot of gold? The answer is, Yes! But the reality is it requires work. And, a lot of people are just mentally and spiritually lazy. Now before you clutch your pearls and admonish a person with a spiritual practice, think about if you are truly offended or not, and if so, then why? You see, there’s this thing called the ego. And this little bugger likes to stir up complications for us. Confusion is not of God. So if you are experiencing confusion or any difficulty making a decision, then there’s a lot more to consider than if going left or right is the best decision. This is why for many people hearing “change your mindset; change your life” seems like a hoax. The ego doesn’t do simple, but the spirit does. If you’re ready to delve deeper into truly changing any aspect of your life, click here to read my full article.  

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