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The Love of Lemons

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Before making my own tea blends, one of my store bought favorites to have after a meal was a blend called I Love Lemon. And I certainly loved lemons and that blend. It was appropriately named! Now, many moons later, as an herbalist and naturopath who makes many healing and feel good, taste good teas I have an even greater appreciation for lemons.

Lemons are literally one of the most versatile herbs for use at home and as a natural medicine. With a high concentration of vitamin C, it is no wonder this herb is a go-to for colds and the flu. Yes, lemons are an herb! And the alkaline ash fresh lemon juice produces does wonders for your body.  

Often people mostly know lemons for their use in treating scurvy. But this little bundle of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and C; volatile oil; coumarins; bioflavonoids; and mucilage is used for so much more. The parts used include the fruit, peel and pith.

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