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Bradberry® Products

Bradberry® is the handmade, all natural, and customizable herbal product line of Stephanie J Bradberry, LLC (formerly Naturally Fit & Well, LLC). 

Stephanie J Bradberry

Who Makes Bradberry® Products?

All products are handmade by Stephanie Bradberry. She began making her own products after she was labeled a mystery diagnosis after over 20 years of pain and suffering. Stephanie then learned more about how everything from what we eat to what we put on our skin affects our bodies. After mixing her own herbal teas, researching supplements and switching some of the foods she ate, Stephanie took herself from literally crawling to walking and teaching Zumba® Fitness classes. Slowly but surely she started replacing everything she could from dish soap to lotion with her own blends. Family and friends said Stephanie could not keep her blends or alternative methods to herself. So now Stephanie offers them to you, your family and friends, and more!

Why Buy Bradberry® Products?

All Bradberry® products are handmade, all natural, and customizable. Like many natural companies, Stephanie's products do not contain sulfates, parabens, chemical preservatives, and so on. And Bradberry® products have no hidden ingredients. Everything is on the label.

The FDA does not regulate the term "natural." So some companies' natural products do contain some hidden ingredients or a certain percentage of unnatural ingredients. The FDA does not require companies to list any ingredient that makes up less than 1% of the product. This means the bubbly baby bath you give your child could very well have formaldehyde in it as a preservative. But since there is less than 1% of it, the company does not have to list it. I list everything, even if I only have one drop of the essential oil.   

You can purchase a basic blend or have one tailored to your specifications. If there is something you would like that is not listed, please contact me. Can you imagine walking up to X company and saying, “I would like this product without this and that, and please add this scent”? Well you can with Bradberry®

Notice the word "scent" was used and not "fragrance." Usually when you see "fragrance," the smell is chemically/synthetically derived. Any scent Bradberry® 
products carry come from the natural oils and butters themselves and essential oils.

Product labeling, packaging and prices continually change in real time. Please be sure to double check ingredient lists and information before purchasing or call before ordering.