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My Story


I am Stephanie Bradberry, the founder/owner of Naturally Fit & Well, LLC and creator/maker of the Bradberry® brand and line of products. My background and interests are quite varied. While all of my professional life has been as an educator, life kept nudging me in the direction of combining my 15+ years as a formal educator with health and wellness. ​As a result, my current work includes helping individuals based on my work as an educator, herbalist, naturopath and energy healer.

The million dollar question is always, "What's your story? How did you go from being a professor and owning an educational business to making products and owning a health and wellness business." Short answer: I was healthy until I wasn't. I became so debilitated that I had to drop any professorship I couldn't do online.

For almost two decades I struggled with medical issues, but no one could give me any definitive answers. I have been labeled a true mystery diagnosis. A few years ago I was to the point of barely walking and had to cut back on the number of places I worked. I was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia (chronic, system-wide pain). The doctors knew this was just a symptom and not the underlying issue. Then I received a potential diagnosis that could mean possible death within a month without treatment. However, the test results would take two weeks to come back. It became a race to make it to my 30th birthday. The treatment would be long-term antibiotics, but the doctor refused to start treatment until the results came in. When I asked for more information, the doctor’s office just kept saying, “Wait until the results come in.” My response, “I could be dead before then.” I was all too familiar with being ignored by doctors and receiving other unacceptable medical treatment, but this was appalling. I have many more battle stories, and I know you have them too. The point is I took matters into my own hands.
In the past few years, I started exploring alternative practices. I was amazed that an acupuncturist could give me more answers about my body than a doctor who saw me for years. An herbalist was able to start unraveling my issues based on some simple questions and a phone conversation. Was this magic? No. It was simply individuals who had an open mind and stories like mine. They all found alternative methods that worked for them. My "traditional" doctors were amazed when I took myself from literally crawling up steps to teaching Zumba® Fitness classes and getting back to my normal, very active self. Of course the doctors and my friends and family wanted to know the secret. It was my herbal blends and supplements along with other natural methods. So now I am pleased to share them with you!

With Love,
Stephanie J. Bradberry
(Herbal studies in Colorado)