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Product Party

Did you ever want to be the host with the most? Add a unique flair to your own gathering or be totally original by hosting a Bradberry® product or health and wellness party.

What You Do
Provide the date, venue and invite your friends!

What The Host/Hostess Gets

  • A lot of praise for being original, thinking outside the box and being a trailblazer.
  • Host rewards: At minimum you will receive a gift from Stephanie for hosting the party and an incremental percentage off your purchase based on sales.
  • Personal coupon code for friends and family to use on the website to make purchases after the party for 1 week
  • And more

What Stephanie Does

  • Provides a flyer to distribute
  • Creates an event on Facebook
  • Provides lots of laughs, games and/or activities, and samples
  • Brings an awesome display of products for purchase
  • Gives guests a Loyalty Card with purchase
  • And more

Other Party Options
Pump up your birthday party or any gathering by adding a unique element: Bradberry®.

  • Product-making Party: Learn how to make a cream, body butter, lip balm, scrub, bath salt, and more
  • Arts & Craft Party: Learn how to make a crystal creation, embellish cards, and more
  • Health & Wellness Party: Gather around and have fun learning what has been going on with you body when I ask you to "stick out your tongue." Seriously! I will offer tongue analysis, nail analysis and more for groups. You can also have a private seminar on topics like eating for your blood type.
  • Customizable Party: Just like my products, I offer the chance to customize your own party. Look over all my offerings and services on the website and craft your own party option.